About Rock County

Located in South Central Wisconsin, on the Wisconsin / Illinois border, Rock County is truly Wisconsin’s Front Porch. Its central location makes it a short drive from Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, as well as Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Whether looking for that fresh start or an opportunity to come back home, consider Rock County, Wisconsin.


Rock County LifeWith deep connections between agriculture and industry, Rock County has a solid reputation for being an area where individuals can grow companies and families alike. While legacy “forged on the Rock” connections can be found throughout the county, new faces and fresh ideas are welcomed and continue to shape the area’s economic, environmental, and social landscapes.

Excellent educational and nationally recognized healthcare institutions provide variety and choice without the compromise of quality. A variety of local and regional events and activities keeps residents and visitors entertained year-round. These include, but are not limited to: the performing arts, collegiate and professional athletics, cultural or seasonal festivals, open space and recreation, and places of historical significance.

Rock County HomesHousing

Whether you are a first-time home buyer; an empty nester looking to downsize into a condominium; a growing family looking to up-size; an executive needing a larger indoor/ outdoor space for entertaining; a young 12 professional looking for a unique downtown space close to the entertainment district; or a family working through a transitional phase, Rock County offers a variety of 3 3 housing options to meet a number of needs.

With housing and rental rates considerably lower than national or regional averages, your discretionary spending account has the potential to experience a healthier balance when you live in Rock County. Affordability Data Source: The Council for Community and Economic Research is only part of the story, as Rock County’s housing options range from historic districts to contemporary subdivisions, from traditional downtown lofts to fairway condominiums, and from waterfront estates to conveniently located apartment complexes.

Standard amenities you’ll nd throughout the county’s housing portfolio include pedestrian-friendly and safe neighborhoods; high-speed internet infrastructure; compatible land uses; and connections to recreational offerings.

Rock County EducationEducation

Rock County is home to eight K-12 public school districts that provide quality education for the area’s youth with an emphasis on academics, as well as community service.

In addition to its public schools, a strong network of academy, charter, internet-based and parochial schools are available. Rock County is also home to the Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

When it comes to higher education, the area is fortunate to have a diverse selection of local and B regional offerings. Beloit College, Wisconsin’s oldest U four-year liberal arts college, located in downtown Beloit, plays a pivotal role in many business and community initiatives. Its academic reputation attracts students from across the globe.

A two-year degree option is available at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County, part of the campus network that feeds into the nationally recognized University of Wisconsin System. Recently, a select number of four-year degree offerings have been added as demand for those degrees has increased. Another two-year option, Blackhawk Technical College, provides demand- driven certifications, associate degrees, and customized job-specific training for area employers and their employees.


Several medical facilities are located throughout Rock County, meaning that access to healthcare is literally minutes away. Whether for individual, family or business and regardless if routine or specialized — the region’s healthcare providers offer piece of mind.

Features associated with Rock County’s healthcare network include up-to-date electronic medical record systems; 24/7 emergency rooms; after-hours urgent care clinics; community, retail, and specialty care centers; physician affiliations with the pioneering University of Wisconsin Health System; and providers that consistently achieve high ratings from respected industry accreditation organizations. Plus, the county’s close geographic proximity to recognized regional specialty centers means that there is more time spent recovering rather than traveling.

Rock County WelcomeA location that SHINEs

With Interstates 39/90 and 43 providing easy access to nearby Chicago and Milwaukee, Rock County scores high on the affordability scale — and without sacrificing important quality of life standards. The types of offerings you can enjoy by living or working in the Rock County region include top-notch educational and healthcare services; safe, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods; recognized global and industry-leading firms; and direct connectivity to international flight providers, acclaimed performing arts, Big 10 and professional sporting events, and places of historical significance.

Rock County offers a more casually paced lifestyle, yet maintains a unique level of sophistication and modernity. It is an ideal community where individuals come to start fresh, to transition into life’s next phases, or to reconnect with cherished childhood memories. It’s a place where our people spend less time stressing … and more time living.

To learn about what Rock County has to offer, visit the “Consider Rock County” web portal or download the “Consider Rock County” brochure.

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