Team Members and Investors

Morgridge Institute for Research

Morgridge Institute for Research (MIR)

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, nonprofit biomedical research institute that focuses on delivering discoveries to improve human health and well-being. MIR is a vital resource for scientific and programmatic expertise, and a key partner in the design and build phase of the SHINE production facility.

University of Wisconsin—Madison (UW)

One of the nation’s top research universities, the UW brings a special set of resources to this project including: decades of experience in the production and commercial use of medical tracers, world-class neutron transport and thermohydraulics groups, and some of the world’s most respected leaders in safety and risk analysis.



TechSource, Inc. is one of the world’s premier organizations of retired national laboratory scientists, consisting of more than 500 professionals. TechSource experts provide a combined total of hundreds of years worth of relevant technical and management experience to assist SHINE’s project.

City of Janesville

The City of Janesville, located 30 minutes south of Madison, WI, is proud to be the future home of Shine Medical Technologies. This community of 63,575 is known as a regional retail center with locational benefits to companies which include being the nexus for several of Interstate, federal and state highways and a labor force that supports many advanced manufacturing companies. The community’s role in providing infrastructure, site development and financial support for Shine Medical Technologies is an example of the City’s commitment to providing a proactive business environment.

State of Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Commerce is the state’s leading agency for fostering the growth and diversification of the economy of the state. The mission of the department is to drive retention and creation of quality jobs and promote safe, healthy communities.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

WARF’s mission is to promote, encourage and aid scientific investigation and research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. WARF will manage IP developed through the technical collaboration that will culminate in SHINE’s production facility.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL)

PNL’s mission is to develop nuclear technologies into near term solutions for modern day problems in order to fund the next level of nuclear development. PNL invented the gas-target neutron source technology that has been licensed to SHINE for producing medical tracers. PNL will also be providing the neutron sources for the production facility.