132 Hour Accelerator Demo

SHINE and Phoenix Nuclear successfully operated their accelerator-based neutron generator for 132 consecutive hours with greater than 97% uptime. This accomplishment represented an industry first for the extended-operation reliability of a gas target neutron generator and was an important demonstration of the robustness of the PNL neutron generator, a key enabling technology for the SHINE medical isotope production facility.

PNL manufactures the world’s strongest neutron generators and was selected by SHINE to provide the neutron generators for SHINE’s eight medical isotope production units.  To achieve high medical isotope yields, the PNL neutron generators must run for approximately 132-hour cycles in order to ensure patients receive critically important doses on time.

“The PNL team has once again demonstrated that their accelerator technology is far superior to anything else on the market,” said Todd Asmuth, President of SHINE.