GE Healthcare DRYTEC™ Demo

SHINE and GE Healthcare announced they successfully obtained pharmaceutical-grade Tc-99m from GE Healthcare’s DRYTEC™ generator using Mo-99 produced by SHINE’s innovative process. The positive results of this test confirm that Mo-99 produced by the SHINE process can be incorporated into the existing Mo-99 supply chain. Use of SHINE-produced Mo-99 in DRYTEC™ Tc-99m generators will not require changes to radiopharmacy practices or how the resulting Tc-99m is used in scanning procedures.

After successfully producing Tc-99m in the DRYTEC™ generator using SHINE Mo-99, GE tested it in the preparation of finished radiopharmaceuticals using kits of GE Healthcare Tc-99m-based products:  Myoview™ and Ceretec™. Successful quality control testing was performed on the reconstituted kits, indicating feasibility for Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals prepared using this material.