HTA Supply Agreement

SHINE signed a supply agreement with HTA Co., Ltd. (HTA), the largest Chinese producer and distributor of radio-pharmaceuticals. The supply agreement marked HTA’s first with a U.S. supplier of moly-99.

Under the terms of the agreement, SHINE will provide moly‑99 produced using its proprietary low enriched uranium (LEU)-solution technology for use in HTA’s technetium generators once SHINE’s facility becomes operational.  SHINE’s LEU moly-99 manufacturing process does not require a nuclear reactor and is compatible with the world’s existing supply chain for moly-99.

“HTA, the largest distributor of medical isotopes in China, is a great company, playing a critical role in patient care, and we believe this is the beginning of a long, successful relationship between HTA and SHINE,” said Mr. Guo Chunsheng, President of HTA, about the agreement.