SHINE is dedicated to being the world leader in the safe, clean, affordable
production of medical tracers and cancer treatment elements.


The U.S. uses almost half the world’s supply of moly‑99, but produces none.

The U.S. is completely dependent on foreign producers for molybdenum-99 (Mo-99 or moly-99; pronounced “molly-99”)–a medical ingredient used to diagnose and treat 56,000 American patients per day. Over 95% of global supply of moly‑99 is supplied from only four processing facilities located in Australia, Europe, and South Africa. Since moly-99 decays at a rate of approximately 1% per hour and cannot be stockpiled, without a domestic supply, American patients are relying on foreign governments to deliver the moly-99 they need.  Help SHINE protect American patients.

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American patients imaged per day
different procedures rely on moly-99
of global supply produced in North America.

No nuclear reactor.

No weapons‑grade uranium.

SHINE’s advanced accelerator technology enables a high-yield molybdenum-99 (moly‑99 or Mo-99) production process that is safer, cleaner, more affordable and fits seamlessly into the existing moly-99 supply chain. Our process eliminates the need for a nuclear reactor and is free of weapons-grade (highly-enriched) uranium from beginning to end.


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At SHINE we have a passion for using technology to make people’s lives better. We’re hiring the team to build the first moly-99 production and processing facility in the U.S. since the 1980s. Put your passion to work and be a part of the future of nuclear.

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