SHINE Selects Baker Concrete Construction as Prime Contractor for Medical Isotope Production Facility Project

Brad Wucherpfennig - CEO - Baker Concrete ConstructionSeptember 6, 2017 – Janesville, WI – SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc. (SHINE), a Wisconsin-based company dedicated to being the world leader in the safe, clean, affordable production of medical isotopes, announced today that it has chosen Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. (Baker) to be the prime contractor for the construction of its medical isotope production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.  In conjunction, Brad Wucherpfennig, President of Baker, has joined the SHINE board of directors.

With over 45 years of experience, Baker has seen virtually every type of concrete project imaginable, from the Boeing 787 assembly plant in North Charleston to URENCO’s national uranium enrichment facility (NEF) in southeastern New Mexico.  In 2013, the NEF became the first major nuclear facility to be licensed in the United States in nearly three decades.

“The Baker team has a combination that’s rare in this industry.  They understand nuclear quality requirements, but also have a culture that understands the importance of remaining lean; the hard work and ingenuity it takes to maintain a successful commercial business,” said Greg Piefer, CEO of SHINE. “I look forward to building on the strong working relationship we have with Baker and to Brad’s insightful contributions to our board.”

Prior to joining Baker in 2010, Mr. Wucherpfennig was a member of the Advisory Board for over ten years while serving as CEO of Phillips-Medisize, a global leader in outsource design, development, and technology-driven manufacturing providing drug delivery, medical device, and medical diagnostic products.

Mr. Wucherpfennig, a Wisconsin native, lived in Minneapolis for numerous years.  He served as the Executive Vice President and COO of Schwing America, Inc., a member of the Schwing Group, a worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of concrete production and handling equipment.  His career began with Ernst and Young in Minnesota, where as a CPA he performed client audits.  After his time in public accounting, he served as the Director of International Finance for Synder General Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of commercial and industrial air conditioning and handling equipment.

Mr. Wucherpfennig has a degree in Finance/Accounting from the University of Wisconsin and holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.  He has served on numerous boards in the construction, manufacturing, and medical technology industries.

About Mo-99 – Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is a radioisotope that decays into the diagnostic imaging agent technetium‑99m (Tc-99m). Tc-99m is used in more than 40 million medical imaging procedures each year, primarily in stress tests to diagnose heart disease and bone scans to stage cancer. SHINE was founded to deploy a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology to produce medical isotopes, including Mo‑99.

About SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc. – Founded in 2010, SHINE is a development-stage company working toward becoming a manufacturer of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine. The SHINE system uses a patented, proprietary manufacturing process that offers major advantages over existing and proposed production technologies, as it does not require a nuclear reactor, uses less electricity, generates less waste and is compatible with the nation’s existing supply chain for molybdenum-99. In 2014, SHINE announced the execution of molybdenum-99 supply agreements with GE Healthcare and Lantheus Medical Imaging. In 2015, with the help of Argonne National Laboratory, GE Healthcare demonstrated SHINE molybdenum-99 can act as a drop-in replacement for reactor-based moly-99.  In 2016, SHINE received regulatory approval to construct its facility from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and signed a moly-99 supply agreement with HTA Co., Ltd., the largest Chinese distributor of radiopharmaceuticals.  Learn more at