SHINE Careers: Who We Are

If you’re up to the challenge, a SHINE career can be a uniquely worthwhile and gratifying experience, enabling you to make a difference, build something new, and pushing you to be your best.

Turning bombs into medicine.

At SHINE, we’re driven by a passion for making the world a better place. By developing a 100% LEU alternative to traditional HEU-based medical isotope production, we’re ensuring a safer world for future generations. We strongly believe that weapons-grade uranium has no place in the civilian industry. LEU-only, domestic production of medical isotopes eliminates the historical conflict between the health and security of Americans. Read more about HEU vs LEU.

In fact, the LEU for the SHINE manufacturing facility comes from down-blended nuclear weapons, meaning we literally turn former bombs into medicine.

And unlike other new production methods, the SHINE process does not rely on a nuclear reactor. This simplification results in hundreds of times less nuclear waste created per procedure we enable.

Help us build a better future.

The future of nuclear.

Tired of maintenance and decommissioning projects? SHINE is a different kind of nuclear company— one that will have a fully operational facility by 2021. With the first NRC construction permit issued since 1985, we are redefining what it means to work in nuclear. Small and nimble, we are designing and building the infrastructure that will carry the U.S. nuclear medicine industry into the next half century.

Be part of the future of nuclear.

Pioneering spirit.

A word of warning: SHINE isn’t for everyone. As a start-up company, our work is bold and fast-paced. We are global leaders in our field, doing what no one has done before. Close-knit and ambitious, we will challenge you to be your best self.

Put your passion to work.

Working at SHINE is not the common task-based job; you own a part of SHINE’s daily & ultimate success. I’m encouraged to think as an Owner, because daily and future goals are affected by the quality of my work and the clarity of my thinking.

Craig Hurda, Procurement/Security

I became an Engineer because I wanted to make the world a better place.  Being part of the SHINE team I can finally say that I feel like I am part of something that will make the world a better place.

Ryan Schow, Nuclear Systems Manager


Katrina Pitas, VP Business Development

Working at SHINE is like working with a team of 57 Sheldons from the Big Bang Theory without as much laugh track.

Colin Doty, Facility Manager

SHINE offers a great opportunity for a individual to contribute to a very unique mission that not only impacts the community but also the world.

Dennis McDougall, Creative Manager

Summer accelerates

Neutrons do not drive themselves

Bombs into medicine

Ken Vinson, IT Manager

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