The Wisconsin Idea In Action

One of the longest and deepest traditions surrounding the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Idea signifies a general principle: that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

With technology born out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, SHINE is the Wisconsin Idea in action. Our CEO, Dr. Greg Piefer, used what he learned as a nuclear engineering graduate student at UW-Madison to found SHINE with the goal of safer, cleaner and more affordable medical isotope production.

From a seed planted in the head of one University of Wisconsin graduate student, the SHINE medical isotope production facility will reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism and improve the health of over 1 billion people over its lifetime.

In addition to the global impacts, we’ll have an impact on our local community. We expect to create over 100 permanent jobs and to spend over $100 million on our facility construction project alone. From start to finish, we are sourcing as much material, labor and service as we can from Wisconsin companies. Below is just a sampling of vendors and partners we’ve engaged within Wisconsin so far.